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CampZero Hotel 5*

Property Description

Created for nature and sport enthusiasts, CampZero is a pioneering Active Luxury Resort, designed to offer a new approach to hospitality where unique experiences and adventures are paired with luxury and comfort. Discover this pioneering Active Luxury Resort in Champoluc dedicated to people who are passionate about the great outdoors. Constructed with natural elements and meticulous attention to detail, CampZero is a place where nature, sport and technology meet, offering original, one-of-a-kind experiences. Located in the heart of the Alpine range, campZero is located in Valle d’Aosta region close to Champoluc village, about two hours drive from Milan and 90 minutes from Turin. The resort it is nestled right at the feet of Monte Rosa, the second tallest mountain chain in Western Europe. Here the terrain is vast and diverse, rivers and lush woods surround the property and imposing mountains and peaks are campZero’s backdrop. Strategically located in what is not only a jaw-dropping natural landscape, CampZero

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