How can you TRAVEL guilt-free?

#Climatechange and global warming have been discussed for years and unfortunately very little progress has been made. Governments, travel organizations, the travel industry and the travellers all know to have the urgent responsibility to act upon and protect the environment.

Still, what it has been done is not enough, and #tourism often receives the blame for a long list of crimes such as global warming, pollution, the spread of diseases and the environment crises as whole. We are told to fly less; we are told to be eco-friendly and feel guilty about having that strong desire to explore.

Can we still, then, have that amazing holiday we have so much waited for since the pandemic or staying at home is the only way to help?

Of course not. It is all about making better choices such as how we decide to get to a destination, the places we choose to visit, how we conduct ourselves when we travel and at destination, and of course the speed and frequency of our world discovery.

Indeed, travel is the most enriching activity which we should all be embarking on. It is a very positive force that, if practiced consciously, enriches the lives of the travellers and the local communities, finance those often-costly projects to save endangered wildlife and protect people who live on the edge of society.

Visiting local and historical site, using more friendly transportation options, travelling to less known destinations, travelling for longer and through neighbouring countries instead of crisscrossing across the world by taking several flights ( and even volunteering time to help local community organization at the destination are only some examples of how we can care and protect our Earth and the #localcommunities at destination.

Now, as travel restrictions continue to ease, and travellers hit the road and skies once again – flooding the market at levels not seen during the past two years – we must balance the long-awaited return of travel with the growing importance of improving #sustainability in the travel industry (#ExpediaGroup). And, travellers are increasingly seeking ways to have more meaningful and conscientious travel experiences, from searching for and booking more sustainable holidays that can lessen the impact on the destinations and the communities they visit.

Though Expedia Group research reported that consumers are feeling overwhelmed by the process of becoming more sustainable, it also outlined that 9 out of 10 are already making more sustainable choices. Many are seeking assistance from trusted travel resources, while bookings with those travel brands that offer clear information on how they commit to supporting local community and protect the environment.

When talking about luxury travel, despite the growing demand, there is a flourishing demographic of socially conscious, high-net-worth consumers who are rejecting overt displays of wealth in favor of inconspicuous and responsible consumption. Their approach to luxury is driven by ethical living, artisanship, authenticity and sustainability.

However, #Experientialtravel is, among several defining features typical of the luxury sector, such as #hyperpersonalization, #exclusivity, uniqueness, and #humantouch, the #newtrend for these holidaymakers, who seek self-fulfillment through greener travel and #ecoholidays, while wanting to ‘do good’ for people and the planet. If luxury travel brands ignore this trend, it could put them at tremendous risk of total disconnect with an audience who are looking for sustainable options (Globaldata plc).

And hotels are finally awakening too. A great example of how tourism can be truly sustainable and positive for all parts involved is given by #Nantipa in #CostaRica. As part of the hotel's effort to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans, every guest of Nantipa is invited to pick up a bucket and spend five minutes on the beach picking up microplastic residue that's carried in by the tides. Afterwards, guests can tag their efforts on social media feeds and receive a smoothie from the bar in exchange. Other valuable actions by Nantipa include programs to reintroduce macaws to the local #ecosystem, as well as limiting the cutting of original trees on the property to six plants which were all recycled into furnishings (

Being a #responsibletraveller while applying simple changes is not only helping us to make our trip greener, but it can also be fun, rewarding and leads others to do the same. For too long travel has been seen as the problem while in fact it is the solution (Wanderlust - How to travel guilt-free - #BillBryson)

Do not stop travelling just #doitbetter!

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Angela, MD