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Beyond Luxury

While large societal trends are impacting what consumers seek travel, more and more luxury providers are demanded to shift to a "new luxury" seeking out unique and authentic experiences for every guest to stay ahead of competition.


The offer of a luxury product is no longer the key factor of the guest's purchase decision and only the right kind of sales and marketing activities in the right places will help you to reach the target audience effectively.


We understand both the challenges and the opportunities that you experience both locally and globally and have a range of sales and marketing solutions, to help put your product and services in front of the stakeholders that matter, and understand the trends in order to keep up with the dynamic pace of tourism.

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We are well established in the USA, South America, Europe, UK, CIS and GCC markets. Our expert team will give you access to new business and create connection with the right industry stakeholders.

We represent you to travel producers, through our network, in the desired market, acting as an extension to your sales team and a brand ambassador in the market. Our clients are exposed throughout our travel advisors network and seeking out prospects in the market over the course to maximise sales opportunities.​ 

We managed our client’s existing business partners to maximise their potential, Where required, acting as a liaison for special booking enquiry and always available if you have any questions or need any urgent assistance.

Marketing and Social Media


Thousands of luxury companies and brands add in business with similar products on a daily basis.  Without a specific marketing strategy people won't know that your unique product exists.

We facilitate the recognition of your brand in the market and put your product and services in front of those people who will be proud to promote your products to their own clients.

We evaluate and suggest specific marketing activities that match the requirements of the desired market and guide you in the management of social media campaigns and promotion in all channels.

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Trade Shows & Events


We help our clients to identify the right trade shows, events or seminars that fit their product and target audience.​ We attend those events and workshops on behalf of the client and providing full reports and follow up upon their conclusion.

It is important that our client feel confident when travelling into destinations and we support you in organising and coordinating sales visits in the market and helping hosting lunch/dinner/cocktails removing the challenges from your shoulders.


We take park in many trade show such as: ILTM Cannes, America, Singapore – PURE Marrakech - LeMiami - DUCO - LUXExperiences Sydney – Proud Experience - Private Luxury - Tfest - Connections - Emotions and more.



Our team of specialist will provide expertise and support on a wide range of activities. 

We can cover any ad-hoc project from inception to execution and follow on support from auditing your business plan, annual budget, assisting with RFP and tendering, to system implementation for room rate configuration and mapping.

In addition we can assist and manage contract negotiation with OTA, Wholesalers, Tour Operator and other businesses as well as be part of a mystery guests assessment.

Through our network of partners we will provide a full web design project and SEO, CX and UX, as well as videography, photography, 3D virtual tours

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"Great things are done

by a series of small things

brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh

The Modern Luxury
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