Important LIFE LESSONS we can only learn if we TRAVEL

Travel is really the only thing that makes you rich, once you have bought and experienced it.

It teaches you many life lessons and offers you the unique opportunity to learn about yourself. With travel you realise you are more capable than what you think. Your true potential, the person you really are and what you really enjoy.

Travel plays magics, it teaches you confidence, independence, and most of all freedom. When you travel to foreign countries you learn to navigate throughout unexpected events that you learn and can overcome.

I used to prepare my trips “far too much”, but with experience I learned that though preparing is key it also part of travel to let things unfold naturally. While that can be scary, it provides numerous growth opportunities that teach you the skill to move past your fear and immerse yourself in the unfamiliar.

Traveling is in fact a way of learning to learn. You soon realise that you are out of your comfort zone and so you must learn to adapt quickly to a new environment, experiences and challenges that indubitably make you become more. Traveling forces you to be independent intellectually and emotionally. You learn not only to react to the circumstances but be proactive while managing your own fate by yourself.

You will never be alone. People are very friendly and always very willing to offer a helping hand. You may be little shy and find difficult to engage yourself socially. But travel changes that, as things like talking to strangers or asking them for help is not an option but often a necessity. The lesson is to stay eager, keep your eyes and heart open to new experiences that will test you but most importantly stay with you for your whole life.

What about culture, history, food, languages?

With travel you better understand how the cultures around the world vary and where the common ground lies. Differences exist in cuisines, etiquettes, and lifestyle across different cultures. But despite all the differences, you can find many commonalities like shared love for art, nature and ancestors that bind all the different cultures together. Ultimately, you realise that we are same somewhere deep down in our hearts. All your prejudices based on race, colour and nationality will subside.

There is a far share of bad people and good people out there but we all touched when you find so many wonderful people all over the world that you begin to feel the whole world is smaller and your home.

Traveling is the best way to learn things and the things that really matter. Whether you stroll through the Path of the Gods in the #Amalfi Coast, enjoy a #luxury hotel in the UK or pamper a 5 Star #hotel spa in the Dolomites, travel will never fail you as a teacher.

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Angela - MD