So, what is LUXURY within the TRAVEL INDUSTRY ?

The new generation of well educated high demanding travel consumers that want a luxury and sustainability rolled into one simple idea.

So here are the 4 C’s of Luxury and trends:

· Culture

· Cuisine

· Community

· Customization

Local culture are huge factors of global travel, people internationally think of themselves as “Sophisticated explorers“. These travellers want to learn new things and have new experiences while abroad. They value local cultural heritage, performance arts, storytelling and lots more cultural enriching activities that consumer as well as luxury consumer can experience, most of all luxury products that showcase unique traditions and techniques.

All travellers need cuisine, but they need to experience the link between culture and cuisine. The luxury travellers seek out culinary experiences as a trip theme (as in wine region tourism) or dining at fine restaurant around the world, travellers make cuisine a priority of their travel dollars. Consumers are willing to pay more for up-market experiences yet have high expectations of quality and authenticity.

Luxury travellers may not what to share travel experiences, such as group tours or dormitory accommodations they do want community an up-market travel accommodations this by leveraging storytelling and community in the marketing material and by hosting non-site events that allow travellers to opt in to sharing community with other guests. A nightly happy hour or optional tours coordinated by the hotel allow travel provides to cultivate community.

Luxury means something that appears to be the best of whatever is represented. It’s a word that raises people expectations whether talking about clothing for women or locations for people to live... You pay for compliance, but probably the most important thing it is delivery on the promise of the brand’s name.

Luxury is a state of mind hand in hand it trends towards - experiential luxury - is the importance of self-fulfilment and becoming our best self. But now we link luxury to sustainability is increasingly important to consumers worldwide such as Millennials and Gen Z evaluate brands on their sustainable credentials, together with their online services.

Luxury applied a decade ago was meant flashy material possessions and five-star hotels but today the same term holds a much more modern image and expectation, which are no longer classified by expensive brands but being connected by #experientialexperiences as well as the culture, cuisine and community. Wow factor in any luxury situation, travellers are looking to stay in places that are better than their homes.

The luxury travel trends will give you an insight into mind of a modern-day traveller most people go travelling 14.5 times a year, Half business and half pleasure. Luxury is in each thread and fibre of details that are an experience.

Customization is perhaps the biggest of the 4 C’s customization allow luxury travellers to orchestrate their own unique travel experiences.

This can start before guests arrive, if you send them information specific to their needs. A short survey asking their preferences on matters such as a newspaper and wake-up will save time when they arrive at the hotel as well as asking those personal question such as are you celebrating a special occasion and what the date is. The more choice that consumers are allowed, the happier they may be – a strong incentive to entice repeat business.

As the 4 C’s make it clear, traditional perceptions of luxury travel are challenged by the evolving needs of modern consumers.

Following from customization these are but a few luxuries travel trends that I would think have a huge impacted upon the luxury travel industry.

Every traveller wants to have a hidden gem such as an iconic destination such as #Paris, #Venice , #Santorini and #LasVegas are still popular. However, the luxury consumers want something that makes then go off the beaten path this is because this new consumer is more adventurous, experiential in what they do every day.

So, imagine a season luxury consumer or traveller comes to your hotel?

All they see a bland five-star hotel that copies every other hotel in the world with interior design and cuisine; no that’s what they don’t want they need a sense of place, that place need to be unique and authentic but also it incorporates the #localcommunity such as local arts and food each place has a different sense place so for example, #RivieraMayahotel in Mexico local handmade works are dotted around the hotel and grounds, for the guest to pick up look at these are amazing things that give a hotel as well as destination a creative leap within the industry and more hotels need to follow in that direction.

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Bradley - Sales Executive and Director Assistant