What actions do Luxury Brands take to stand out?

In today’s very competitive market, luxury brands try hard to connect with their customers in creative and unique ways. The #realluxury constantly search for new methods that can distinctively distinguish itself while retaining its charm and magic – @Socreative.co.uk.

One of the greatest shoe designers of our times, #ChristianLouboutin says, “Luxury is the possibility to stay close to your customers and do things that you know they will love”.

Marketing luxury products and services is made of a series of strategies that the brand takes to reach its targeted clientele. One approach is looking into the rarity of luxury which can manifests in either limiting the number of products or services produced, that heightens their value, or perhaps creating a waiting list. A powerful tool that enhances the sense of urgency and intrigue, such as #Hermes bag’s appeal created by its six years short list.

How about the luxury experience?

Many are the luxury and #ultraluxuryhotels that around the world compete in very appealing destinations. They all offer unique and unforgettable experiences to their clients. The competition is sky high! So, what does it really make the difference?

The difference lays in the deep emotional connection that can last a lifetime. That #sensorybranding which taps into the senses and has become huge business. It creates and builds deep, personal connection and subconscious association with the customers at different levels. It has been scientifically proven that brands that address more than two senses are more successful than those that focus on one or two senses only such as the great example offered by the #SingaporeAirline: its custom-made scent emitted in the cabin, worn by the cabin crew, and sprayed to the passengers’ hot towels (@ma-people.com).

Focusing and immersing customers in the luxury brand ethos and allow them to feel and experience the prestige of the luxury brand builds a strong #emotionalconnection that communicates a message. Very often brands adopts marketing strategies that are carefully thought and planned to accomplish this. Such as the handcraft tea made by #JimmyChoo at the #LandmarkMandarinOriental in Hong Kong.

The Unique selling propositions (USP) is presented on-line and off-line, by brands, via aspirational images and language which demonstrates not only the strengths of the brand but how the customers can also benefit from buying the product, the service or the hotel stay.

#Quality of the product or service is another approach which may involve high-quality materials or offering bespoke services that is tailored to the specific needs and requests of each individual customer. The offer of #uniqueness is often used to build #customisation, which is kept simple, #sophisticated, and #exclusive.

Everything is done to reflect the luxury image, the experience, and enhance the desire of the customer to be part of that lifestyle. And #luxurybrands are becoming more and more #customercentric and personal. But while most luxury brands have been for quite some time moving to the mass market the true luxury still stand out by making sure that quality is high and as matter of status the price too.

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Angela, MD