Who can afford LUXURY hotels?

Credit to: One&Only Aesthesis

Everyone wishes to stay at #luxuryhotels when possible and make memories, but very often even with special offers luxury hotels can still be expensive.

Throughout my career in travel, I have had the fortune to experience many luxury hotels around the world. Some of these experiences were unforgettable, while others were mediocre. However, as clients I would not be able to afford staying in most of 5* star hotels I work with.

There are many tips that we can use to be able to afford those so much wanted luxurious hotels:

#1 What sort of holiday did you plan to have? If your wish is to get to know the destination or city and your plan is to be out your room for most of your stay, book a cheaper room with no special view which offers you a comfortable sleep and wonderful, delicious and luxury breakfast before embarking into your adventure.

#2 The view of your room can add 20%-30% extra cost to your daily #roomrate. Go and enjoy the beautiful view from other parts of your hotel or resorts while saving money on the “okish” room view.

#3 Check your travel times and the #ETA at your hotel. If your arrival is expected several hours later your check-in time you can simply book a cheaper hotel for the first night and move on the second day to your loved luxury hotel for the rest of the stay.

Same if your return flight is in the very early hours. By staying in a cheaper hotel on the last night will potentially save you a lot of money on the overall cost of your stay.

#4 Be aware of the #busiesttraveltimes of the year and pick those dates when prices are likely to be low. Hundreds of pounds can be saved only by adjusting the dates slightly.

A few days sometime can go a long way and result in big saving.

#5 Search for small and/or locally owned hotels that can offer more #priceflexibility while keeping an eye on their included extras such as breakfast or airport transfers.

#6 Stay connected to the luxury hotel or hotels you wish to visit. Sign up to their mail list and newsletter to stay in the loop of any discount or offer such as free night stays (3 nights for the price of 2 nights) and remember hotels and resorts often offer upgrades to those who love them!

#7 Check the price of the luxury hotels on the main OTA’s websites such as booking.com, compare them with the hotel’s website and then call the hotel directly to ask for more flexibility on the price. And do not forget that any hotels even the luxurious will be willing to help you book direct than paying high commission to OTAs. In low season it is also very likely that “#freebies” are added to the booking, if asked. It is therefore worth asking for gym access, a few massage sessions or breakfast.

#8 Book rates that offer free cancellation. Though these prices initially seem to be more expensive than those with “no” cancellation policy, if checked later in time they may offer you the opportunity to be negotiated, if they dropped.

And in the worst scenario, you will still be able to cancel the original booking without incurring in any charges and rebook the stay at lower price.

Finally, #9 #Discover #emergingdestinations where 5* hotels are cheaper such as #hotelexcelsiordubrovnik in #Crotia or #Hiltonportogaia in #Portugal, choose breakfast only or half board instead of expensive all-inclusive options that limit your discovery of “the local” and do not be afraid to ask – If you don’t ask, you don’t get – #MahatmaGandhi.

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Angela, MD